Congratulations to Christopher Betts, the recipient of the 2017-2018 Julie Taymor World Theater Fellowship.  

In August 2017, Betts travelled to Bali, Indonesia where he studied masked drama.  Since, he has gone on to Africa for the purpose of studying theatrical traditions and practices through the exploration of performers and companies on the continent.

"The most generative way for me to create art is to use the world as my subject, while making myself subject to the world. Western art is derivative of many cultures, with African history and culture as a distinct contributor. To truly become a globally minded artist and activist, I find it necessary to return to my cultural origin and fully embrace the trans cultural experience of being an African-American artist. I am passionate about expanding my imagination beyond the world as I know it, and strengthening my artistic compass in ways that will lead me to excellence in my craft. Authentic storytelling cannot accommodate its audience. It arrests us by holding us accountable, and challenges us to shift our intellectual orientation beyond our comfort zones. I am eager to offer myself as a vessel to other cultures so that they can speak for themselves instead of being spoken for."

Greg Emetaz